Chicken Caesar Sandwich

Prep Time:

2 Mins

Cook Time:

10 Mins


Makes 1 Sandwich

A quick and easy variation on the nation’s favourite salad. Only a few ingredients needed for a tasty lunch.

To take your lunch to the next level all you need is:

  • 1 x Ciabatta Bread
  • 1 x Granny Mary’s Chicken Garlic & Thyme
  • 1 x Gem Lettuce
  • Caesar salad dressing
  • Croutons


  1. Slice your ciabatta in two and lightly toast
  2. Now you’re ready to put together the ultimate sandwich.
  3. Take 1 slice of your toasted ciabatta and add a generous layer of Granny Mary’s Chicken with Garlic and Thyme.
  4. Spread a layer of Caesar salad dressing onto the other side of the ciabatta.
  5. Layer the gem lettuce and croutons and close your sandwich together.
  6. Now for the most important step. Sit down, relax and enjoy your lunch, you’ve worked hard today and you deserve a tasty treat.
  7. Now that you have enjoyed your lunch the big question is what are you going to have for dessert?? Speak to your retailer for some tasty options.

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